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The Time for Expert Computing in IT is Now

Posted by Philippe Lecoq on April 4th, 2012 | Comments

For the past 50 years, the technology industry has been defined by different points of time and the advent of various technologies. For example, the System 360 and the PC, or the Ethernet and Internet, all signify a dramatic evolution in the industry. Each innovation was created to solve a basic need, whether it was crunching numbers, connecting people or sharing information.

Today, the need for simplicity and a type of expert computing represents the next defining moment for the technology industry. In 20 years, industry experts will describe today’s industry as the point when people stopped struggling to make technology work, and instead utilized technology to increase workplace efficiency and make our lives better.

Just as the System 360 revolutionized pure computing and information processing, the ability to make technology simple throughout the enterprise will transform the industry. The consumer market has already witnessed the power of simplicity with the prolific adoption of devices like smartphones and tablets. According to Canalys, smartphones outsold PCs in 2011 and many believe tablets will overtake PCs in 2012.

Smartphones are the epitome of simple technology since they work with little to no effort on the part of the consumer. A smartphone blends the complexity of cameras, video, music, movies, voice, text, data and the internet into a simple device. The market for simplicity is clear as the smartphone industry is expected to exceed $250 billion by 2015.

Now imagine how similar simplicity could impact corporate IT, where 70 percent of the $3 trillion spent on technology this year was used just to make the technology work. That is $2.56 trillion spent just to keep the lights on. How would the industry fare if just 10 percent of the budget was focused on utilizing the computing power of the data center to drive innovation rather than trying to get the technology to work the right way?

Unfortunately, no single solution or magic device to solve the complexity of the IT industry currently exists… but what if systems could develop solutions on their own? Systems that can automatically detect and correct problems before applications start to fail and determine the best way to configure themselves would revolutionize IT.

In order to achieve such simplicity, we must understand what has worked and failed in the past and harness the best ideas from the brightest minds in the industry. With this arsenal of knowledge, expert computing can become reality.

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