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Overview of SmartGuide V6

SmartGuide 6 is full of enhancements that make building your web and mobile applications easier and faster than ever before. This video contains a roundup of the new features that this release brings you.

Income tax return

This demonstration shows the possibility of pre-filling Smartlet fields with data contained in external systems as well as SmartGuide’s support of complex and variable calculations. A dozen of calculations are made and fifty or so fields from 2 PDF forms are dynamically populated. This demonstration also shows how contributions to retirement funds (RRSP) affect the amount of taxes to pay.

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311 service request

The 311 Service Request app can be used from any device to report common problems like potholes, graffiti and lighting problems. This responsive, fully-customizable app includes features like geolocation, photo capture and notifications out-of-the-box.

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Bulky item removal

This application showcases how a city can offer its citizens a convenient way to request the removal of bulky items such as old furniture and appliances using any device (smartphone, laptop, desktop…). This responsive and fully customizable application also demonstrates the use of custom widgets for the selection of items.

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Personal loan chatbot

This chatbot automates the first part of a loan application by providing guidance and generating quotes that incorporate complex and variable calculations. For example, the loan rate varies per the term and amount of the loan, and the monthly payments are calculated using the following formula:

This demonstration also shows how collected data can be sent to an external system in addition to being used to dynamically generate a pre-filled PDF form for local saving.

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Expense report

This application allows employees to create and submit their expense report online using a user-friendly interface. In this demonstration, the base currency is the Canadian dollar and any expense incurred in another currency is automatically converted using a REST web service. Additionally, the completed report is made available for download as an Excel spreadsheet and an approval request is added to a task management system (Asana).

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Bill splitter

This nifty tool provides an easy way for roommates and couples to divide bills based on their mutual incomes. The presentation layer is based on Materialize, the modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design, one of the many frameworks that can be used with SmartGuide.

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Team building: Lost At Sea

This demonstration shows how SmartGuide can be used to create educational applications such as this Lost At Sea team building exercise. In this exercise, you must rank items according to their usefulness in helping you and your team survive a disaster at sea. See how much you score and share the results via social media!

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