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What if there were a way you could cut application development time by 50%, 66% — even 75% or more — how many more projects would your organization be able to complete on time and on budget?

SmartGuide can help you quickly build interactive web and mobile applications that guide people to the relevant response, help them diagnose problems or lead them through a series of well-defined steps that make it easy to complete complex—or infrequently performed—tasks. Deployable natively in J2EE or .NET environments, on premise or in the Cloud, SmartGuide is ideally suited for:

  • Customer self-service
  • Electronic forms
  • Knowledge bases
  • Guided selling
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Life event based applications
  • Education or training

Why is developing with SmartGuide faster?

SmartGuide is the only development platform that allows business users to fully manage the business content and logic of an application through easy-to-use, drag and drop tools (see for yourself in these demos). In fact, SmartGuide is chock-full of point-and-click features that other solutions require developers to code, making your applications easier to build, test and maintain.

Quickly reach consensus

While traditional development approaches usually require lots of time upfront analyzing needs and defining requirements, SmartGuide allows creating a first working prototype within hours. Isn’t that where requirements really take shape anyway? From there, changes can be field tested rapidly to ensure the application meets the needs of your organization and end-users alike. And wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically generate the documentation of the application being built?

Work in parallel from day one

Another way SmartGuide helps you reduce development time is by allowing work on every aspect of the application to be started on day 1:

  • Content, business logic and rules can be managed by non-technical people with SmartGuide Designer;
  • An API allows developers to create custom functionalities such as connecting to external systems, communicating with the J2EE or .NET context, or sending collected data to back-end systems;
  • Graphic and web designers can create user-friendly presentation layers that are standards-based and accessible while working with a familiar technology (JSP, ASPX, HTML/JavaScript, PHP, etc.).

Build once, deploy anywhere™

A clear separation of concerns allows displaying the same application in different ways (smartphone, Web, tablet, kiosk) without requiring changes to the business or data tiers. And once an application is built, it can be deployed in J2EE or .NET environments, on premise or on the cloud.

Create reusable components

Every component built with SmartGuide has the potential for reuse, be they fields, validation rules, extension functions, presentation templates, knowledge bases or even applications themselves. In addition to reducing time-to-deployment for every new application, SmartGuide helps standardize the appearance of your applications and ensure they adhere to your graphic charter with one click of the mouse.


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