SmartGHGR™ is an innovative software solution that revolutionizes data collection, management, analysis, and compliance for GHGR (Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction) reporting.  Leveraging SmartGuide™ and curated AI automation, it offers unmatched efficiency, accuracy, and speed for developing and delivering public sector digital services.

Greenhouse Gas Reporting and Compliance Automation
This comprehensive tool automates the entire process, from data collection to reporting, while helping reporting entities adhere and comply with an evolving regulatory landscape. SmartGHGR providing a complete process for reporting annual emissions and baselines emissions and calculating legislation-based configurable compliance reports for facilities, ensuring seamless issuance, transfer and retirement of Greenhouse Gas performance and fund credits and streamlining the certification process.
Sustainability Made Simple User-Friendly Interface
Its branded interface guarantees an inclusive and accessible user-friendly experience, making complex tasks simpler and less frustrating. By leveraging SmartGHGR, governments and organizations can effortlessly track, analyze, and report GHGR data, enabling effective sustainability management and contributing to a greener future.
Empowers Sustainable Decision-Making with Advanced Analysis
SmartGHGR software performs complex analysis, generating actionable insights and identifying areas for improvement. It generates comprehensive reports that meet regulatory requirements, enabling easy sharing and decision-making. SmartGHGR’s compliance features ensure adherence to environmental standards, reducing risks and promoting sustainability. Embracing innovation, SmartGHGR optimizes efficiency, accuracy, and ESG responsibility.