Value Proposition

We will work to help this department to “advance equality with respect to sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression through the inclusion of people of all genders, including women, in that country’s economic, social, and political life” as well as the intersection of these with other identities such as ethnicity, age, socio-economic level, disability, and others.

To move forward of better servicing the citizens and enterprises of this country with intuitive and easy to use secure digital services, to minimize need for in-person, service desk and any paper based processes.

1) EASY TO USE configurable platform to build, launch and manage G&Cs funding initiatives.

2) Dashboard of funding opportunities – communication.

3) Reduce risk of automation of the G&Cs processes and issuing new funding calls for proposal.

3) Reduces costs of running each subsequent funding call through automated Intake, Review/ Assessment and Approval.

4) Auto notification of upcoming opportunities once a profile created.

5) Accessibility – Uses WCAG 2.00 complaint GOC WET-4 themes out of the box.


Government for policy

Department or Agency to maximize efficiency of grants process

Treasury board for compliant G&Cs processes, accessibility, and security authentication

Organization types and areas of impacts

Targeted interest groups