Simplify access to apps

Make it easy to deal with your entire organization with a single login to access multiple applications and services

Reduce support costs

Reduce helpdesk volume from misplaced or forgotten login credentials with user self-service

Improve security

Ensure your applications are protected with multi-factor authentication and fine-grained access management

With SmartProfile, our aim is to provide a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) system that perfectly balances the user experience and security needs. Request a 1-on-1 demo to see the following features in action.

Customer registration

Create and customize registration forms at will

SmartProfile comes with an extensive array of predefined customer data fields such as name, birthdate, gender and contact information. You can also store any additional information you would like about users to fully meet your data collection and retrieval needs. While doing so, SmartProfile can also help you improve data quality with advanced validation rules.

Self-service account management

Provide customers with the experience they’ve come to expect

In addition to enabling you to create user accounts from the administration interfaces, SmartProfile comes with a responsive customer portal that includes full-fledged flows for account creation, login and password reset requests. The fully customizable portal also comes with CAPTCHAs to protect your site from spam and abuse.

Single sign-on

Make their lives easier with a single login

Even if your applications reside on different systems it doesn’t mean your customers should have to remember multiple usernames and passwords to access them. SmartProfile provides you with a secure way to authenticate users across different applications using a single username and password. You can manage access to applications whether they were created with SmartGuide or not.

Access management

Easily grant (or prevent) access to your applications

SmartProfile allows you to securely manage who can access what using a simple web interface. System administrators can define a list of applications, create roles and assign user claims to enable fine-grained access control. Applications can also be categorized in hierarchies to enable drill-down access and you can fully customize the information that is stored about them.

Customizable security settings

Your applications, your rules

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to security. That’s why SmartProfile allows you to secure your applications according to your specific rules. Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA), customize session duration, set a maximum password age, enforce password history, determine password complexity requirements, automatically block accounts after a certain number of failed login attempts and much more.


Facilitate application enrollment

SmartProfile allows your different lines of business to customize the enrollment process for each application. The enrollment process can be automated based on set policies or managed manually if staff approval is required to access a given resource. REST services are exposed to allow external systems to communicate with SmartProfile to validate authorization tokens, obtain user profile information and perform global system logouts.

and much more…

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