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Empower your customers, employees and partners to quickly find the information they are looking for. Wherever it may reside.

A whopping 50% of online searches fail according to IDC. Why? Because traditional search engines place the burden on website visitors to find the information themselves. First to choose the right keywords. Then to sift through countless results. How can they be sure they’ve found everything? Or that the information really applies to them?

Enter guided searches.

With guided searches you can provide website visitors with the same reassurance they would get from dealing with an employee in person. Through a simple Q&A process, they are guided to information that is 100% relevant to their needs and situation. Quickly. Easily. Even when the information they need resides in different enterprise systems or websites.

Discover how Alphinat SmartGuide® can help you:

  • Finally solve the biggest problem related to finding information online — and shatter the industry average of 50% search result relevancy;
  • Remove all burden from your website visitors by guiding them to the information they need through online wizards;
  • Reduce contact center loads by allowing clients to find answers to their questions themselves;
  • Increase employee productivity by enabling them to concentrate on value-added activities instead of answering repetitive questions;
  • Unify disparate information and present them in personalized manner;
  • Ensure information relevance through a powerful rules engine.


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