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Deliver better apps, exponentially faster

Whether you choose to develop your applications with the help of our low-code platform SmartGuide®, kickstart your project using one of our pre-built apps or engage us or one of our partners to do the work for you, you'll be deploying better applications in record time.

Quickly integrate apps with existing systems

Benefit from instant no-code integration to systems that offer SOAP and REST-based web services, including OData. We can also help you breathe new life into your legacy systems or ones that aren't standards-compliant, whether it's a custom-built secure authentication system or an older ERP.

Maintain full control over app quality and delivery

Choose your environment—whether on-premises or in the Cloud, keep full control over where data resides, decide which presentation framework you want to use, determine who can access what in a multi-disciplinary team context and add any functionality in order to fully meet your needs.

Our Story

Our Story

At Alphinat, we are driven by the passion to make application development easy for everyone. That’s why we’re constantly searching for new ways to empower the right people at the right time in the development process. It's also why we’re always looking to reduce the need to code in order to make application development simpler and less error-prone.

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