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SmartGuide® makes it easy for citizens and businesses to deal with government and can help reduce service delivery costs by up to 97.5%

Online access to government services has the potential to make interactions between governments and constituents far more convenient and efficient for all concerned. Despite this, the public has yet to show the same enthusiasm for online government services as they have for those provided by financial institutions and retailers.

According to Accenture, the reason is clear: as inconvenient as it may be to show up in person, it’s still perceived as being easier than dealing with governments online. The basic reason for this «digital divide» is that information is often not organized and does not flow efficiently. Forms, procedures and information are traditionally contained in «silos» that are appropriate to the government’s internal structure, but may not be relevant to the needs of a constituent.

What if you could offer constituents the same kind of personalized experience and guidance on your website without any additional staff? Contact an Alphinat representative to discover how SmartGuide can help you:

  • Unlock the full potential of e-government with surefire ways of maximizing online service take-up — reducing the cost of service delivery by up to 97.5%;
  • Solve the biggest problem related to finding information online — and shatter the industry average of 50% search result relevancy;
  • Provide website visitors with the same reassurance they get when dealing with a government employee in person… effectively removing the need for them to phone or visit your offices;
  • Cost-effectively streamline your forms-driven processes with a system specifically designed to handle a large number of concurrent users;
  • Reduce your reliance on paper, break free of departmental silos and better share information with constituents and across agencies;
  • Increase employee productivity by enabling workers to devote more time to value-added activities — instead of answering repetitive questions or re-keying data.

Winner of the IBM «Top Star» Award and recognized as a best practice by the OECD, Alphinat SmartGuide can help make it easy to deal with your agency while reducing your service delivery costs by up to 97.5%.


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