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The Fastest PaaS to Cloud

SmartGuide® PaaS Edition delivers the Cloud to your organization

SmartGuide Paas Edition is an agile development platform for the Cloud that allows quickly building interactive web dialogues online in a multi-tenant environment. With its proven capability for rapid development and deployment of Web and SaaS applications, its Build once, deploy anywhere™ innovation accelerates business development opportunities and client retention.

Today, many resources are allocated to building infrastructure to run applications rather than to building relevant applications. Cloud computing, the most disruptive technology shift since the PC, abstracts and virtualizes IT resources to provide on-demand solutions. Cloud computing vastly simplifies and accelerates application development. With SmartGuide PaaS Edition, developers can focus on truly business-differentiating capabilities, better serving their organization or community.

With SmartGuide PaaS Edition, your customers can deploy their applications to your cloud offerings quickly — whether it’s public or private cloud. Just one click to deploy, it’s that simple!

Accelerated SaaS and cloud development — Faster time to market with enhanced agility

  • SmartGuide PaaS Edition is a rapid development platform for SaaS and Cloud Enablement. With SmartGuide’s robust PaaS stack and tools, you can quickly offer turnkey solutions to the cloud that will ensure a better user experience and adoption rate.

Fast vertical differentiation of cloud offerings — intelligent SmartGuide solutions for targeted verticals

  • SmartGuide PaaS Edition provides a smart way to leverage your vertical expertise and knowledgebase to develop and market intelligent SmartGuide solutions for targeted industry verticals of your choice.

Maximize return on ICT assets with cloud

  • SmartGuide not only enriches your PaaS offerings but also accelerates your IaaS and SaaS initiatives in much faster and more cost effective manner.
  • SmartGuide’s “Build once, deploy anywhere™” portability gives operators a smart way to leverage their existing ICT assets and thus maximize return on existing investments.


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