SmartG&Cs is a cutting-edge software solution designed to streamline and enhance the management of public sector Grants and Contributions (Gs&Cs). With its powerful features and advanced capabilities, SmartG&Cs help automate the entire process.

It helps ensure accurate data collection, leveraging state-of-the-art SmartGuideTM software technology to efficiently gather relevant information. The software platform enables issuers to conduct comprehensive analysis, providing in-depth insights and accurate reporting.  


 SmartG&Cs ensures compliance with policy and regulatory requirements, minimizing errors and maximizing accountability. This reusable platform simplifies creating subsequent new calls for proposals and eligibility screening and assessment processes enabling seamless evaluation and distribution to deserve recipients.  

Efficient, Inclusive, User-Friendly

 Built on the SmartGuideTM development software, it offers a branded and user-friendly interface guarantees an inclusive and accessible user-friendly experience, making complex tasks simpler and less frustrating.  

Compliance-Driven Excellence Solution

 SmartGs&Cs helps ensures regulatory compliance by generating best in class compliant reports and facilitating transparent auditing processes. This is the ultimate solution for efficient and effective management of public sector Gs&Cs. 

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