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Software for the Smart Enterprise™

Helping organizations achieve the highest quality and cost-effectiveness of service delivery in record time.

Alphinat (TSX-VN: NPA) provides software that makes it easy to deal with an organization. Its SmartGuide® software suite simplifies, accelerates and improves interactions with all business constituents — resulting in greater cost-effectiveness, customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

By helping people get things done quickly and exhaustively, Alphinat is helping organizations deploy web-based tools and services that people actually want to use. Built from the ground up around end-users’ needs and situation, the Alphinat SmartGuide suite is specifically designed to maximize user adoption — leading to greater cost savings.

For example, Alphinat is helping government agencies reduce the cost of service delivery by up to 97.5% while dramatically improving the user experience for citizens and businesses alike. The solution was awarded the IBM Top Star award for best e-government solution among entries from 189 countries and was recognized by the OECD as a best practice in its «E-government for better government» report.

In addition to the public sector, the healthcare, banking, financial services, telecommunications and retail industries can benefit from Alphinat technology to cost-effectively modernize and automate a wide range of business processes at a fraction of the cost of custom-built solutions.


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