Create apps 4x, 7x — even 10x faster

Hit the ground running with the SmartGuide migration tool. Drag-and-drop interfaces will ensure that your Lotus Notes developers will find SmartGuide easy to use and will be up and running in no time.

Make applications available on any device

Choose among Bootstrap, Materialize and other frameworks to bring your apps to life. Deploy them on multiple devices from a single development effort and even package them for app stores.

Keep all your deployment options open

Tired of being forced into a specific ecosystem with ever-growing licensing costs? Use SmartGuide to deploy natively in either J2EE or .NET environments, on-premises or on any number of Cloud instances.

Take a future-proof path for migrating your Domino applications to a modern, open and scalable platform — whether you are looking to deploy in Java or .NET environments, in-house or in the Cloud.

If your organization is like many others, it is faced with the challenge of moving a large set of Lotus Notes applications to a modern, scalable and service-oriented platform. The problem is, those legacy applications are typically scattered throughout the organization and were often built for ad hoc projects outside the purview of IT. They are increasingly difficult to maintain and are struggling to keep up with the speed of business today.

In addition, these apps don’t scale well and they lack the connectivity required to be integrated with your enterprise applications and systems.

Not to mention the growing licensing costs they generate.

Many solutions promise a like-to-like migration of your Domino applications but the question is, why would you want to do that? To avoid having to retrain users? While that may be true to a certain extent (there will most likely still be a number of differences), the fact is this fails to address the ever-growing expectations of users regarding enterprise software, namely being simple, intuitive and accessible from any device.

Furthermore, many Lotus Notes applications deeply intertwine business logic with presentation code. There’s simply no way to perform such a migration automatically.

At the same time, other solutions are looking to force you into their Cloud ecosystem, thereby stripping you of the ability of truly controlling your applications and making it much more difficult to integrate them with your existing enterprise systems and applications.

Now, what if there were a way to bring your legacy applications up to the speed of business while avoiding vendor lock-in?

That’s the SmartGuide promise.

SmartGuide is a low-code platform that allows simultaneously and cost effectively building web and mobile applications that can be deployed natively in J2EE, SharePoint or .NET environments, on-premises or in the Cloud.

With SmartGuide, you will be able to kick start your migration through automatic import of fields that auto-create the first steps of application building. And with its drag-and-drop interfaces, your Lotus Notes developers will find SmartGuide very easy to use and will be up and running in no time, with minimal training.

Main Benefits

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