Built-in accessibility

Make your e-services accessible and usable for everyone

SmartGuide lets you hit the ground running with responsive, production-ready templates that comply with accessibility guidelines out-of-the-box.

Choose from Bootstrap, Materialize or WET starter themes to bring your applications to life starting from day 1. And since SmartGuide cleanly separates an application’s logic, data and presentation tiers, that means a multidisciplinary team can work in parallel to deliver user experiences that maximize success and compliance rates:

  • Content, business logic and rules can be managed by non-technical people with SmartGuide Designer;
  • An API allows developers to extend SmartGuide with standard Java or .NET functions;
  • Web designers can focus on creating user-friendly interfaces that are standards-compliant and accessible while working with a familiar technology (JSP, ASPX, HTML/JavaScript, PHP…).

View a sample accessible app :


Check its compatibility with WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines:
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