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SmartGuideĀ® for Education provides you with the agility to quickly create online forms and data capture applications that reduce costs and increase the quality and integration of your data.

Web based applications and Software-as-a-Service based applications are increasingly becoming more prevalent in the education markets and the increased demand for product delivery and integration services is taking a resource toll on already tight budgets in the educational community. Maintaining all the required data elements from multiple systems and multiple formats whether electronically or by manual processes are creating inefficiencies and driving additional cost to maintaining and in many cases complying to federal and state mandated requirements.

Could you better understand the educational issues facing your district if your data was all in one place—or at least seemed that way? What if you could easily query “data stakeholders” from one place that would update several key databases? What if you could solve this problem without requiring costly additional technical staff?

Contact an Alphinat representative to discover how SmartGuide goes far beyond simple forms digitalization and can help you:

  • Automate your most frequent forms and reduce administrative, printing and mailing costs.
  • Capture accurate data, verify the integrity of that data, and integrate it into the disparate systems in your organization.
  • Reduce data management requirements, increase operational efficiency and put an end to repetitive data entry.
  • Collaborate through a reusable community-based library of customizable forms and applications.
  • Join our rapidly growing group of partners that is leveraging existing SIF model based data standards, without the requirement of a ZIS (Zone Integration Server).

A few examples of where SmartGuide can be utilized

Administrative (Student related) Administrative (General)
  • Free/Reduced Lunch Application
  • On-Line Registration
  • Custom Health Forms
  • Classroom Assessments
  • Sports Physical form
  • Building Usage Request Form
  • Surveys
  • Budget Account Transfer Request Form
  • Tech Trouble Tickets
Administrative (Staff related) Oral Assessments
  • Staff Time-Off Request Form (vacation, illness)
  • Staff Timesheets
  • Field Trip Requests
  • Classroom Observation
  • Office Supply Requisition Request
  • DR2 Oral Assessment
  • LOTE Oral Assessments
  • NEPSY®
  • WISC-IV Clinical Assessment and Intervention
  • Woodcock Johnson assessment
  • BASC™-2

If you’re still manually processing any of these forms, contact an Alphinat representative today to start realizing substantial cost savings. Here are a few areas where you can save money by automating your most frequent forms with SmartGuide:

Form production costs

  • Reduced paper costs
  • Lower laser toner and inkjet costs
  • Less wear and tear on printers and copy machines

Mailing costs

  • Savings of up to 28% on the few pieces you need to actually mail, and 100% on the MANY pieces that will no longer need to be mailed!

Soft costs

  • Address the perception that your district isn’t “cutting costs”
  • Reduce future requirements for a document management system
  • Lower post form receipt processing costs
    • Tabulation costs
    • Business workflow routing costs
    • Clerical and administrative time
    • Waste due to missed deadlines requiring expediting of process
    • Re-typing costs to get data from the form into the actual software system that is used in that area (HR, SMS, SpEd, Transportation, etc.)
    • Costs of errors caused by the above re-typing process
    • Filing costs
    • Space
    • Furniture
    • Folders
    • Clerical time

Data Related Costs

  • Potential reduction of data systems required to be licensed
  • Reduction in data integration human resources
  • Reporting errors – What will inaccurate reporting cost your organization?


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