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Intelligent eForms

Streamline your forms-based processes and greatly reduce costs and data errors while dramatically improving customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Alphinat SmartGuide® provides visual, drag-and-drop tools to convert your existing forms into “intelligent” web forms by breaking them into a series of logical and user-friendly steps. Discover how easily you can include advanced validation rules, calculations, field visibility and relevance rules and communicate with external systems and applications.

With SmartGuide powering your eForms, end-users can easily fill out even the most complex forms from any platform or device – without requiring any plug-in. And collected data can be used to dynamically populate any number of PDF forms or XML streams and be selectively routed to different systems and applications to automatically trigger events.

Best of all, Alphinat SmartGuide is designed to handle a large number of concurrent users, requiring minimal hardware and memory to streamline high-volume customer-facing processes.

Let Alphinat SmartGuide help you:

  • Reduce administration, printing and mailing costs as end-users key in data themselves electronically;
  • Improve customer satisfaction as you make it easy to deal with your organization… and make clients feel you are more attentive and responsive to their needs;
  • Increase employee productivity by enabling workers to devote more time to value-added activities – instead of deciphering handwriting or rekeying data;
  • Improve compliance rates through advanced validations and calculations;
  • Eliminate manual processing by automating costly and repetitive processes;
  • Have workers up and running in a flash using a simple web browser and with minimal training.


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