A responsive, accessible portal out-of-the-box


Make the most of your Amanda permitting and licensing solution with a bolt-on portal that’s built for today's exacting customer.

Get paid faster with online payments

Benefit from out-of-the-box integration with Moneris and allow citizens and business owners to pay for their licenses and permits online. It’s more convenient for them and enables you to get paid faster. Our portal solution can also connect to other payment gateways.

Reduce costs through self-service tools

Dealing with requests in person or over the phone is expensive. Drastically reduce your service delivery costs by allowing your constituents to create a portal account, submit and pay for permits and licenses and check their status online.

Provide an outstanding user experience

Empower people to get things done on their own terms and using the device of their choice. Our portal solution allows you to guide end-users through the application process in addition to being accessible to people with disabilities.

Deploy your portal with fewer resources

Instead of building your portal from scratch, customize our prebuilt components to save you time and money. Or let us or one of our partners do it for you. In either case, customize the portal and even add custom functionality to fit your needs to a T.

“Thanks again for all the work you and your team are doing. The new portal looks and works so much better than the previous one”


The Alphinat CIVIC PORTAL FOR AMANDA comes with a slew of out-of-the-box features that save you time and money

Online wizard that quickly connects citizens and businesses with the permits and licenses they need

Quick access options for advanced users that don't require back-end calls to Amanda

Complete login flow, including Remember me, Forgot password and Google reCAPTCHA functionality

Self-service account creation for individuals and organizations, including two-factor authentication

and much more...

  • Address autocomplete functionality using data stored in Amanda
  • Flexible front-end for any permit and license type. Reuse the same interfaces for multiple types or create a custom front-end experience for any permit and license type
  • Ability to auto-create fields from Amanda
  • Advanced field validations to ensure high-quality data
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Moneris, including credit card and Interac payments
  • Secure dashboard that allows users to verify the status of their application and access past transactions from any device, 24/7
  • Organization member management, including the ability to add administrators, internal staff and external agents