SmartGuide version 8.0 is now available!

Alphinat is pleased to announce the release of SmartGuide version 8.

This new version introduces several features and a multitude of improvements to make developing your applications easier than ever.

With this version it has never been so easy and fun to create secure web / mobile applications for your organization.

Version 8 focus on productivity elements for SmartGuide developers, such as the possibility of creating modal windows, adding metadata to pages, support for HTML5 attributes of elements as well as adding input samples “placeholder” for the data entry fields.

Support for 2-level data structures has also been introduced, allowing the creation of interfaces using “tables within tables”.

  • Support for min / max length validations by API
  • Support of min / max instance validations by API
  • Support for validations of field min / max values ​​by API
  • Support for advanced date validations by API
  • FontAwesome font support in the designer
  • Attributes configurable in the designer (metadata) at the page level.
  • Attributes configurable in the designer (metadata) at the level of controls.
  • These attributes open up the ability to create more advanced themes.
  • Now possible to obtain a reference to the object returned by the <apn: localize var = /> tag
  • Now possible to obtain a dynamic value indicator on the <apn: control> tag
  • Integration with source control systems facilitated by better management of changes in source Smartlets
  • Multilingual support extended to help texts for options in multi-value fields
  • As well as several performance optimizations

Do not hesitate to contact your Alphinat representative for more information.

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