DPI Professional Development Week (PDW), this May 10, 11 + 12th 2023

The Alphinat – SmartGuide® team is proud to be an ELITE sponsor of this year’s digital DPI Professional Development Week (PDW), this May 10-12th, https://dpi-canada.com/pdw/

If you’re a Public Sector Information Professional looking for accessible, modern solutions for your Department’s digital services, come to say “Hello” to us at this year’s event.

Since our Elite Sponsorship of PDW2022, it has been a great time to prove the repeatability of our versatile, SmartGuide platform leading forward with two more GreenHouse Gas Registry (GHGR) solutions in the interest of Canadians. We look forward to showcase SmartGuide® solutions built with our low-code app development platform. These can be deployed to respond to GoC Agencies or Departments needs. Meet us at PDW and we can talk about your journey and interests then set up a demo of our SmartGuide solutions.

With SmartGuide® your team can create custom apps to securely gather, share, and manage stakeholder information. To learn more about the SmartGuide® platform, visit: www.alphinat.com/en/solutions/government

About PDW

The Association of Public Sector Information Professionals (DPI) holding its 60th annual Professional Development Week (PDW) in May 2023, a premier training event for IM/IT professionals. The goal was to promote the effective application of data processing in service to all Canadians. As technology continued to evolve so did the role of the information professional such that we were no longer in just one corner of the public service but threaded throughout government, working in all aspects of information management and information technology.

Together we stand

DPI has captured the voice of the public sector IM, IT, and Digital community, and this year is no different. Over the past three years, we have faced big challenges throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as they made the pivot to virtual services for Canadians, virtual work for employees, and the rapid development of pandemic-focused services.

PDW 2022

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