Alphinat at Professional Development Week (PDW)|DPI in Ottawa on May 22-23-24, 2019

Alphinat – SmartGuide® team is proud to be the sponsor for Registration and Wi-Fi at Professional Development Week (PDW).

We are looking forward to meet those, up and coming technologist, managers and leaders who are looking for the best ways to deliver great secure digital services. If you are a Canadian looking to bring timely, value driven, successful innovations to the GoC then seek us out at PDW and get a key to start you journey.

We will provide you with a look at the art of the possible when it comes to sheer productivity and fast delivery of the digital services that can take Canada back to a leader position without the risk of large-scale failures.

SmartGuide® is an easy to use low-code development platform of choice for fast delivery of secure Enterprise & Government digital web/mobile services. 

About PDW  

Data Processing Institute (DPI) holds its annual 3-day Professional Development Week (PDW), a premier training event for IM/IT professionals. PDW is attended by approximately 1,000 delegates ranging from technical analysts and policy makers to senior managers who all share a common goal: self-development.


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