MONTREAL (Quebec), March 2, 2011 – Alphinat Inc. (TSX-V: NPA), a leader in innovative Software for the Smart Enterprise™, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Paul Lowenstein to the board of Directors of the Company.

Mr. Lowenstein has a B.A. from McGill University (1958) and an MBA from the University of Michigan (1959).  After obtaining his Chartered Accountancy degree in 1964, Mr. Lowenstein joined Edper Investments in Montreal, Canada, a Bronfman family investment company, and, in 1968, was appointed its Vice-President and Treasurer.  In 1969, along with two other co-founders, he formed Kauser, Lowenstein & Meade Ltd., which initiated three firms, each of which, over subsequent years, became leading Canadian financial service and investment companies in their respective sectors: Innocan Investments Ltd. (venture capital); Altamira Management Ltd. (mutual fund management); and Canadian Corporate Funding Ltd. (“CCFL”) (mid-market merchant banking).  In 1979, Mr. Lowenstein acquired CCFL and, over the subsequent 25 years, developed that firm into one of Canada’s leading providers of mid-market merchant banking services, including the formation of several institutionally-backed private equity funds. Mr. Lowenstein is currently Chairman of CCFL Partners, a specialized finance boutique providing strategic financial services to mid-sized private and public companies. Mr. Lowenstein is also Chairman of Northbridge, a private equity firm that invests in mid-market growth companies in North America on behalf of its clients/investors which include high net worth investors, major family offices and institutional clients.

Also, Alphinat Inc. announces that on March 1, 2011, the company’s Board of Directors granted stock options representing a total of 550,000 common shares to directors and officers of the Company. The exercise price on the options, which expire on March 1, 2016, is $0.12.

About Alphinat

At Alphinat, we are driven by the passion to make secure low-code/no-code application and portal development a reality and easier for everyone. We enable the people with the vision and process knowledge to create great finished applications that IT can more easily deploy in their secure environments. With SmartGuide we provide an easy to use low-code tool and derivative solutions such as SmartGuide for “Dynamics 365 targeted for G&Cs that meet the client’s most critical needs empowering all lines of business to leverage their own process knowledge and expertise to self-serve.

SmartGuide brings you new ways to empower the right people with tools for success at the right time in the application development process. At the same time, we are constantly working to reduce the need to code in order to make application development and maintenance simpler.

So whether you choose to develop your applications with the help of our low-code platform SmartGuide®, kickstart your project using one of our pre-built or derivative apps or engage us or one of our partners to do the work for you, we’re here to help you deploy secure applications in record time.

Alphinat provides a safe and secure workplace and remains an equal opportunity employer promoting our passion for productivity. With that mantra we have issued ourselves a challenge to find and promote the best minds and freely share ideas.

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