SmartGuide® delivers digital government services in France that enhance the citizen experience and engagement.

MONTREAL (Quebec), January 31, 2017

Alphinat is pleased to announce that the government of France has exercised its options to extend the use of SmartGuide to deliver digital government services to its citizens and enterprises. SmartGuide changes existing methods of creating applications, minimizing time-consuming custom programming while promoting reuse of existing applications and systems.

The complete separation of concerns afforded by SmartGuide allows the IT department to focus on the infrastructure, technical conventions, connections to existing systems and security while business subject matter experts expand on that foundation to convert their knowledge and know-how into citizen-centric online services. Given the strategy in France of delivering citizen-centric services that could span across multiple departments, SmartGuide was a key element of their success. In fact, there are over 100 inter-Agency e-services built using SmartGuide that are currently deployed on the central portal of France.