Simply the fastest way to Web, Cloud and Mobile apps that better engage your customers, partners and employees

Rapid application developement for all of us

Simply the fastest way to multi-channel apps that better engage your customers, employees and partners

A few examples of how you can use SmartGuide

Customer self-service

Electronic forms

Knowledge base

SAP integration

Guided selling

Diagnostic tools

Life events

Education or training
Build once, deploy anywhere

Build your SmartGuide applications once and deploy them on different devices (PC, smartphone, kiosk, tablet...). In J2EE or .NET environments, on Windows or Linux. As Portlets, Servlets, Web Parts and User Controls. On-premises or in the Cloud.

The Fastest PaaS to Cloud

Quickly create cloud-ready, multi-tenant applications that cater to your clients' needs. Or offer them a business-oriented development platform over the web.


Fully involve business users in the development process with web 2.0 drag & drop tools.


Start working on the business logic, integration and visual design from day 1.


Deploy the same application across multiple devices and platforms.

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